CALLSPACE is a digital arts installation that utilizes cell phone technology to network ambient sound from unpopulated, site-specific locations. Six cell phones are modified to run on solar power and answer automatically when an incoming call is received. The modified cellphones are then placed in their locations throughout the city, and connections are made between the cell phones and cellular telephones located in the exhibition space. The output of each telephone is wired directly to a dedicated loudspeaker housed in a monolithic speaker enclosure.

Inaccessible and uninhabited locations are chosen because they represent spaces yet to be incorporated by the global economy. The listener eavesdrops on their tacit chorus, a soundscape of places normally outside their acoustic experience. Inside a clock tower, atop a telephone pole, beside a weathervane, under a wind turbine: these are unpopulated spaces embodied and represented through ambient sound.
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FORBIDDEN FRUIT is a sound installation consisting of a group of 6 brightly colored portable stand-alone mp3 players that have had custom light systems affixed inside. The lights respond to the intensity of the sound emanating from the speakers and make the translucent mp3 players glow from their insides.

The mp3 players choose from 99 tracks at random of a conglameration of sounds collected from the immediate environs of the installation. Each track is comprised of a number of samples which were chosen at random using custom software designed in Max/MSP.
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RGB SHIFT is a performance piece which utilizes shifting frequencies to create sight and sound by utilizing custom hardware and software built using Max/MSP and Eric Singer's MidiTron to manipulate circuit-bent instruments in ways which would be impossible to duplicate through direct manipulation by human hands.

In this piece, a series of chain reactions is triggered by sending values to three circuit-bent children's toys at a variable rate. Each of the three toys is represented by a red, green, or blue value, and presented onscreen as a bar of color. As the values sent to each of the toys change, the resulting color will change as well. The size and location of the color bars is determined by the resolution and frequency of the control signal
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In this piece, a sequence of random values is initially generated for 2 parent chromosomes, which give birth to 20 children. In the birthing process, the two parent chromosome’s alleles are combined at a randomly chosen crossover point. The new genetic sequences are then mutated through a variety of processes, including incrementing/decrementing individual cells, and transposing or reversing entire sequences.

Each chromosome corresponds to a given parameter of the circuit bent instruments.
20 chromosomes x 32 alleles (or steps) = 640 steps
Since each step is represented by 1 pixel, this results in a total of 640 pixels
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