REDUX LIVE at Re-Connect 2021
TWITCH LIVESTREAM (Apr 09, 2021) Redux will be performing Song for Søren Larsen as part of the 2021 edition of the Re-Connect online performance festival on Friday April 9. Re-Connect is a collective performance art project that uses digital media technologies to reconnect artists and audiences during the social distancing era and beyond. The festival closes that distance by providing an inclusive digital platform for artists to engage global audiences with new, challenging performance art. Launched in March of 2020 in response to the global pandemic, Re-Connect events bring artists from around the world together as an act of solidarity. The first edition of the festival took place between March 25-April 17, 2020. Featuring 45 live performances and 20 lecture or panel discussions selected from 122 applications, the festival introduced audiences to artists across 5 continents. Viewers enjoyed multilingual events broadcast live from Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Nigeria, Japan, India, Germany, Romania, the USA, and other countries. The second iteration of the festival will take place from March 25th-April 12th, 2021 in partnership with the University of Maryland and feature various online events with the help of more than 200 artists from different countries and different backgrounds and 15 talks and panel discussions featuring the award-winning cast and crew of the VR film, Finding Pandora X, as well as Culture Hub’s LiveLab, Mozilla Hubs, and Playtronica Studios. The festival has established an artist exchange network that supports initiatives like our virtual artist residency and arts management student internship programs. Partnered with the University of Maryland, as well as arts organizations in Iran, Argentina, Switzerland, and France, Re-Connect localizes the global through its meaningful digital collaborations.... more >>
REDUX LIVE at Xfest 2018
DORCHESTER, MA (February 25, 2018) Redux will be performing at Dorchester Art Project on Sunday, February 25 as part of XFest 2018. Xfest started in 2008 with Walter Wright and 119 Gallery in Lowell Mass. The idea was to pair local and visiting movement, video and sound artists in small ensembles for two nights of improvisational performances. Along with these public performances held at the gallery, the weekend long festival hosts public workshops hosted by artists as well as a day dedicated to showcasing local and visiting bands and artist curated projects. In addition to 119 Gallery Xfest has been hosted at Uncharted Gallery in Lowell Ma., LTC in Lowell Ma., Gateway City Arts in Holyoke Ma., Block City Arts in Greenfield Ma., Easthampton City Arts in Easthampton Ma. and Holyoke City Hall in Holyoke Ma…... more >>
ACRA, NY (June 24, 2013) Redux will be in residence at free103point9's Wave Farm this June to create a new performance piece entitled Song for Søren Larsen. This piece will take advantage of various aspects of radio and other broadcast media to create a generative audio space enabled by the contributions and commingling of the electromagnetic broadcast spectrum with the bodies of the performers. A network of three recursive audio feedback sub-systems will be used to construct the performance. These systems include short wave loop antenna hardware, low power AM transmission, and the unique opportunity afforded by the Wave Farm residency, access to the full-power signal of WGXC 90.7-FM.... more >>
CALLSPACE at Pixilerations [v.7]
PROVIDENCE, RI (September 30, 2010) PIXILERATIONS [v.7] is a new media showcase in Providence, Rhode Island that investigates the state of new media arts through installations, concert performances and film/video screenings. It is part of the larger FirstWorks Festival (, a multidimensional performing arts festival held in Providence each fall. Pixilerations is produced by FirstWorks in collaboration with the Rhode Island School of Design, Brown University, and the City of Providence's Department of Art, Culture + Tourism. Now in its seventh year, Pixilerations showcases groundbreaking work in digital music and art.

Redux is proud to present the premiere of their Creative Capital project CALLSPACE as part of Pixilerations [v.7] at the Machines with Magnets gallery in Pawtucket, RI from September 30 - October 10, 2010. The gallery will be open for the opening on Sept. 30 from 6 - 9 pm, as well as Oct. 1 -3 and 5 - 10 from 12 - 8pm. If you are interested in a private viewing, please or for more information about upcoming Redux events, please sign up for our mailing list and we'll be sure to keep you posted.
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LONG BEACH, CA (October 3, 2009) In its sixth year, SoundWalk, taking place on October 3rd, is an annual art event produced by the Long Beach artist group, FLOOD. The evening operates under the concept of a one-night multi-sensory experience as conveyed through sound art that is situated in various indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the East Village Arts District in Downtown Long Beach.

For this year's SoundWalk, Redux will premiere a new performance piece entitled TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION . This piece is a live performance of approximately 20 - 25 minutes wherein the performers are involved in trying to bring order to a chaotic system in the form of an extended feedback loop. This loop is created by putting several processing components in series where the output is passed into the input stage of the first component in the chain. Included in this chain are digital signal processing via custom computer software and a multi effects processor unit. This unit is in turn controlled by custom software that allows non-standard manipulation of effect parameters with a high level of precision.
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Redux installs FROM PILLAR TO POST at SoundWalk 2007
LONG BEACH, CA (September 22, 2007) The Long Beach artist group, FLOOD, will present SoundWalk 2007, featuring artists from the Southland and the international scene. This event operates under the concept of a one-night aural/visual experience as provided by a walking-tour of sound installations and soundmarks located in various indoor and outdoor spaces situated throughout the East Village Arts District in Downtown Long Beach. The artworks will combine in multiple ways a wide range of visual, performative and audio components. There will be sculptures, environments, installations and performances.

Redux is proud to present FROM PILLAR TO POST for this year's SoundWalk. In this piece, a hypersonic sound (HSS) speaker is placed at one end of a medium-sized room and mounted on a motorized turret which allows the speaker to rotate in a horizontal line around the room. As HSS speakers allow the creation of a highly focused beam of sound, the sound played with this system appears to be coming from within the wall at which the speaker is pointed. As the speaker moves from left to right, the sounds of various articles being torn come from the wall, creating the sensation that the room itself is slowly being torn apart. The degree of motion is specified by the signal level output from the recording, so that the sounds of more violent tearing motions will rip the room apart at a faster rate, and smaller, quieter sounds will take longer to creep around the perimeter of the room. Once the speaker has completed its trajectory, the sound source changes, and the speaker begins its course again in the other direction. As the speaker moves along its path, the sound of a new brick wall being constructed and mortar being laid slowly moves across the room; the length of the construction process being determined by the intensity of activity in its creation.

From "Pillar to Post" stops just short of giving its audience a glimpse of the world outside, instead providing frustration and endless confinement to architectural space.
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Redux Receives Creative Capital Grant for CALLSPACE
NEW YORK, NY (February 8, 2006) – Creative Capital Foundation, the national arts organization that supports individual artists, announces the recipients of its 2006 grants. Sixty-one artists representing 43 projects in the performing arts, emerging fields, and innovative literature received initial awards of $10,000. As the projects develop, the foundation offers additional funds; projects may receive as much as $50,000 each through the tenure of the multi-year grant and at least $1 million has been committed to the 43 projects.

Redux is honored to have been awarded a Creative Capital grant to create CALLSPACE, a digital arts installation that utilizes cell phone technology to network ambient sound from unpopulated, site-specific locations throughout Los Angeles
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Redux Installs FORBIDDEN FRUIT at SoundWalk 2005
LONG BEACH, CA (August 20, 2005) – SoundWalk 2005, a large multi-artist installation and performance project, is presented by the Long Beach artist group FLOOD. With 60 contributing artists from Southern California, Germany, Italy, UK, and New Zealand, the art follows the concept of a one-night audible/visual experience of sound installations in a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the East Village Arts District in Downtown Long Beach. The artwork includes a wide variety of combinations with visual and audible components, including environments, installations, and performances.

Redux is proud to present FORBIDDEN FRUIT, a site-specific installation consisting of a group of 6 brightly colored portable stand-alone mp3 players with custom light systems, for an exclusive engagement during SoundWalk 2005
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Redux Premieres RGB SHIFT at TenByTen Performance Lab
LONG BEACH, CA (May 4, 2005) – Redux premieres RGB SHIFT at Tenbyten Performance Lab in Koo's Art Center, downtown Long Beach. RGB SHIFT is a multimedia performance piece in which three circuit-bent toys are controlled by computer. Each toy is represented by a bar of color in an accompanying projection. The size and location of these bars is determined by the resolution and frequency of the control signal.

Koo's Art Center, a 501-C3 non-profit organization committed to building community by fostering collaborations between emerging artists and local civic and learning institutions, is located in the East Village Arts District in downtown Long Beach. The audience is invited to a modest reception after the performance
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Redux Premieres HEREDITY VECTOR at CEAIT 2005
LOS ANGELES, CA (January 19) – The annual music festival presented by CalArts' Center for Experiments in Art, Information and Technology (CEAIT) has been hailed by the Los Angeles Times as "an important contender in the international network of multimedia experimental festivals."

For the past seven years, the festival has presented a wide range of performances and installations, many of which integrated other media, such as dance, video, text and computer graphics. Presentations have included works by Todd Winkler, Pamela Z, Joe Colley, Blectum from Blechdom, Bob Gonsalves, Ted Apel, and Douglas Repetto, among many others.

Redux is honored to premiere HEREDITY VECTOR, a piece for two performers, genetic algorithm, computer, and childrens' toys, at CEAIT 2005
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